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Annual Open Submission exhibition by Visual Arts Scotland.

February 2019

The Alight exhibition is currently open in the Upper Galleries at the RSA on the Mound in Edinburgh. The exhibition will run from 26th of January until 22nd of February and will be open daily and I would like to invite you to visit.

I am delighted that the Claude Glass project, a collaborative piece of work made with long time collaborator photographer Kevin Greenfield got selected for the annual Open Submission exhibition by Visual Arts Scotland.

The title references the Claude Glass invented by the seventeenth century painter Claude Lorrain. The black glass, or mirror, was used to frame the landscape and employed as a device extensively by the picturesque landscape painters of the eighteenth and nineteenth century. I also learnt this week that the National Museum of Scotland has a collection of them, something to be investigated further at some point... You can read more about the work and its link to William Wordsworth on the website.

This piece was originally made for the Seven Ways up exhibition at Dove Cottage in summer 2016 and exhibited later that year at Walking Poets: Wordsworth and Basho exhibition at Kakimori Bunko in Japan. Kevin and I expanded on this work with an artist book that was first exhibited in The Openat Sheffield Institute of the Arts in summer 2017. We are therefore delighted that both glass cast piece and the artist book are now exhibited at Alight. We hope you will be able to see it in Edinburgh.

Meanwhile, I am also delighted that a short academic article I wrote about the Material Journey (2018) exhibited at the National Glass Centre, got accepted and published in Arts .

It details the rationale and calculation of the carbon footprint of an art project. I hope you can make it to exhibition in Edinburgh and might enjoy this little article.